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FORK-LIFT CABIN : Forklift cabins have been designed as not to block the using and maintenance of equipment, and also, for occupational safety in terms of operators. There is a guarded top observation glass in order to observe the goods lift on the ceiling of cabin. The cabin glasses have been designed as providing angle of vision to operator, and they are securite auto-glasses. Also, doors have been mounted as portable, and doors can be produced single or double as optionally. There is glass which is a framed aliminium sliding on the left door. There are turn-signal lights on the front and back of the cabin which are agreeable in terms of the traffic regulations. The quarter light can be designed as portable in accordance with the position of equipment. All of materials, such as cabin and knockdown pieces have a phosphatization after welding, then they have been dryed in an oven after painting.
STANDARD FEATURES: There is cyclical engine on windshield of the cabin. Also, for a clear night driving there are out-lighting headlights.
OPTIONAL: Cabin heating system, aliminium sliding glass for right door and rotating warning light can be mounted optionally.

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